Panel III

Different Thinking in the Countryside

Interact with young successful entrepreneurs from Germany, France and Belgium who set up their own innovative rural businesses in a very professional way. With their creative ideas, they support their family businesses and their region. You will hear about direct marketing of home-produced products, the making of professional events, the development of a trendy hotel in the wild and other start-up experiences they made in the countryside. These best-practices motivate to look out further, across the borders, and get inspired to energise development at home. Get motivated by the spirit of these entrepreneurs and share your thoughts within this dynamic workshop!

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Philipp v. Sahr (Germany)

Philipp Sahr, geb. 1983 in Hamburg, studierte BWL in Vermont, USA, Bonn, Hamburg und Paris und beschäftigt sich intensiv mit der regenerativen "Schule" u.a. mit Joel Salatin, Greg Judy und Richard Perkins. 2011 gründete er "deinBiogarten" in Berlin. 2015 wandelte er "deinBiogarten" zu GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER um und startete eine Rinderzucht (rotes Höhenvieh) in Sachsen mit Direktvermarktung. 

2018 beendet GEGESSEN WIRD IMMER die online Aktivität und beliefert weiterhin Berliner Büros mit Bio Lebensmitteln. 

Ende 2019 wird Philipp Sahr den landwirtschaftlichen Betrieb in Dahlen, Sachsen übernehmen. Seine Version ist es, einen Teil der Flächen regenerativ zu bewirtschaften mit dem Ziel einer geschlossenen Kreislaufwirtschaft und der Erhöhung der Biodiversität. Alle Produkte sollen an Haushalt und Gastronomie direkt vermarktet werden.


Simon Prince de Merode (Belgium)

Simon studied at Vesalius College, an American college of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel where he graduated with a BA in Business Economics.

After a few years working as a Junior Global Brand Manager for Leffe & Hoegaarden at AB InBev in Leuven, he endorsed the responsibility of the castle in Westerlo. Among else, he is now the Managing Director of VZW Vrienden van het Kasteel van Westerloo and Productor of Historalia Production.



Gaspard Comte de Moustier (France)

In 2009, Gaspard alternates his time between his Master of finance and his work at a bank. Passionate about nature, tourism and sustainable development, the desire to become an entrepreneur in a field he is passionate about is very strong. His idea is to propose holidaymakers green and innovative stays. When he receives the opportunity to participate in a project at the domain of his childhood, within the heart of his native region “ Franche Comté”, he jumps on the occasion. He spends all his free time with the only objective to preserve the natural quality of the domain and create an innovative concept in order to develop the attractiveness of his region! This was the birth of the first eco-domain: Coucoo Grands Lacs.

Emmanuel, on his side, has been working in a business bank for more than seven years. In 2010, the “call of the countryside” and his Israeli roots overtake his mind and he decides to leave everything behind to take over his family’s farm. Day and night on his tractor, he begins a new adventure always with the desire to undertake and discover new things, also within eco-tourism.

It is in 2012, at a random meeting, that magic operated. Sharing the same vision of tomorrow's tourism, the game was on! The taste of adventure, the importance of the land and human relationships were essential to both of them. These two entrepreneurs from the heart made a first common project: Coucoo Grands Chênes, located in Picardy around 60 km from Paris, on the golf course and castle domain of Ravay.

Strengthened by the success of these first two eco-domains, they develop an new project in 2016: "Coucoo Grands Reflets". It is located within an exceptional setting at the very heart of Belfort's territory, a few steps away from Switzerland. In 2017, it is the domain “Coucoo Grands Cépages” which opens its doors in the middle of the vineyards of appellation “Châteauneuf-du-Pape” in Sorgues.

Three Videos:

Discover Coucoo Grands Lacs

Discover Coucoo Grands Chênes

Discover Coucoo Grands Reflets